About my Artwork

About Me

Kate Green in the HighlandColour has always been a major part of my life, it gives me confidence and I use it to express my mood. I started painting with bright colours at Lauder College, Dunfermline, Fife, where I was encouraged to be more free and expressive, experimenting with shapes and different media. I then went on to do a Degree in Design Futures where I got out of the habit of painting, concentrating more on graphics and computer aided design.

After University I travelled through Eastern Europe, North Africa and Australia and it wasn’t until I returned to Scotland that I got back into painting. I think a part of me is rebelling against computers and the modern age as when you are painting, you are not relying on any sort of technology, you have more freedom to express your mood and each painting is original and unique.

My main goal is to make original artwork more affordable, for it to be enjoyed more and not stuck behind a piece of glass in a frame.