February 2017 - April 2017

I've been busy getting a stock of Pocket Art paintings together, they are 4" x 3" and cost £20 each. They seem to be selling faster than I can paint them! I have finished year one of my studies so taking a wee break while I get back into painting. Feels good to be painting regularly again.

November 2015 - January 2017

As you can tell with the big time period of no news, painting has slowed for family life...still doing the odd commission though and looking to get the business growing again soon. There were many commissions with the run up to Christmas and had a few this year already. Just working on one now that has got me quite excited! Love it when that happens.

 May 2015 - October 2015

It's been a fairly steady Summer with commissions, and I've started studying again so it's good to not be bombarded with painting requests. I did another Laughter Yoga session in Birnam which was such a good laugh and very much needed, thanks to those who came along. This year just seems to be flying by, hopefully get some Christmas commissions coming in soon!

January 2015 - April 2015

It was a busy start to the year, I never seem to get one commission on it's own, always four or five at once! Great wee cash boost though and a quieter March/April followed. I'm just getting a couple of paintings ready for this years Summer Art Exhibition in Dunkeld, just wondering what to do, probably a couple of Dunkeld scenes...Best get painting :-)

June 2014 - December 2014

Family life seems to be taking over these days but still finding time to do the odd commission, and preparing a variety of small 'mini art' paintings for a Christmas market in Dunkeld. Sorry for the lack of news!!

January 2014 - May 2014

Things have really picked up in my arty commission world, there seems to be a steady stream of work coming in which is great. I now have a selection of my mini paintings in a shop in Dunkeld - Indigo Charlie, and I'm just preparing some new paintings for the Dunkeld Art Exhibition. Also arranging a Laughter Yoga session for the 21st June in Birnam.

January - December 2013

Sorry for the lack of news but I've been rather busy with my lovely wee daughter who is now 6 months time flies! Slowly getting back into the painting.

November - December 2012

Again it's been a busy time with painting, a few birthday presents and lots of Christmas commissions, they just keep coming! Looking forward to Christmas and putting down the brushes....Merry Christmas everyone!

September - October 2012

Well the commissions just keep on rolling in which is great, I've been very busy painting these last couple of months and sales in Flux continue to go well. I did a half price sale with a lot of paintings that were just collecting dust in my flat, leftovers from various exhibitions, it was a huge success and sold the lot. Lots of delivering paintings and people collecting! Quite a few went to the MacKenzie School of English in Leith, which is nice as they were mainly Leith scenes. Started doing some winter themed paintings as well...

August 2012

I've been busy this month painting away, I had a great commission from The Big Partnership, it was to paint 2 big statues of the famous grouse bird wearing the new Glasgow Warriors Rugby shirt. They are to sit on the side of the pitch during matches. They were huge and took over my living room for a week! Other than that I've had a few commissions and sales in Flux are going well. 

June - July 2012

June was a fairly quiet month with paintings but I've been working on a few other ideas, a shop in Morningside is interested in having my paintings on mugs/placemats etc so have been putting a few ideas together. I've made some postcards and will try and get them in a shop up that way. July has brought about quite a few commissions, I've been working on my paintings for this years Macmillan Art Show and done a new range of mini paintings that are now for sale in Flux in Leith...happy days.

March - May 2012

Time has been flying by and completely forgot to update my news. I had an exhibition at the Guilty Lily in Edinburgh for March and April, that went well and I received plenty of commissions from it. I've actually had a steady stream of commissions over the last couple of months, which is fantastic. A few paintings heading off all over the world as well. And Kate Green Artist will be 7 years old on the 1st June. Happy Birthday business! 

February 2012

It's been a fairly quiet month, a few commissions here and there and I had a bit of a clearout to get rid of old paintings lying about my flat, feels good...clearing the way for fresh inspiration! Laughter Yoga enquiries have been coming in and I have a few sessions booked. Everything ready for Guilty Lily exhibition, just need to hang the paintings up. I've been getting out and about on my bike loads this month and had a few days away hiking, all great for the soul and clearing the head for new ideas. Also started a new part time job at Rabbies Trail Burners.

January 2012

Exhibition at Boda continues until the end of January, it's been a good one, lots of commissions come from it. Glad it's coming to an end as I feel like putting down the brushes for a while, it happens now and again...need to recharge my creative batteries. I have an exhib in March to prepare for, other than that it's just Rocksalt where you can buy my paintings just now.

December 2011

Exhibition at Boda Bar on Leith Walk started this month, sales going well... get yourselves along for some bright, colourful affordable artwork! Other than that I was been super busy with commissions for Christmas gifts, thank you everyone who has bought a painting, it is lovely to think of all the people opening up my paintings on Christmas Day. So it has been a successful month and well prepared for a quiet January.. Happy New Year everyone. Here's to 2012!

November 2011

It's been a busy month...not really with painting though, I've moved into a new flat in Leith, my very own flat which is great. Nice and bright for painting and great views for inspiration.. I'm had a lot of commissions coming in for Christmas (thank you for getting in early!) The exhibition at Boda Bar is all set to go, bring it on!

October 2011

Can't believe it's October already! I've had paintings in the Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show at the Dovecot Studios this month, and they all sold on the preview night!! (50% went to the charity) The whole show was a huge success raising £46,000 for Edinburgh Macmillan. Also donated a painting to the Barnardo's art exhibition at Joseph Pearce's. Paintings still for sale in Rocksalt in Leith and The Sweet Stop in Morningside. I'm preparing for my Dec/Jan exhibition at Boda Bar, really enjoying doing bigger paintings, great fun. Also had a fab holiday in the sun, a much needed break from the brushes..

September 2011

Exhibition went up in the Espy Bar in Portobello, it's gone really well with lots of sales, feels good to have branched out of the city centre. I've had a bit of a break from the brushes this month which has been fantastic, I need to have a break sometimes to make sure the inspiration keeps flowing. I'm putting a few paintings in the Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show this October and then the next exhibition won't be until December. I'm looking to buy a flat so focussing on that next. I did a laughter session this month for the LGBT Health and Wellbeing Centre, it went really well, great to be laughing again!

August 2011

Exhibition up in the Compass Bar and going well...Paintings up in The Sweet Stop in Morningside and been busy preparing for an exhibition in the Espy Bar in Portobello for September. All going well..

July 2011

It's been a busy month of painting and preparing for the exhibition at the Compass Bar in August...I've had a few commissions but it's been nice to have a slightly quieter month. Had a wee roadtrip adventure to Skye to see all my friends up there, great weekend.. Leith Laughter Club has been going well but with so many people going away on summer holidays I've just stopped the club for the time being, no excuse not to laugh though!! Considering some travelling adventures for the end of the year.....

June 2011

The 'Doon Leith' exhibition at Sofi's Bar has been a huge success, thank you to everyone who bought my artwork! It's been a great month for sales and now hoping for a fairly quiet July while I prepare for my next exhibition in August which will be in the Compass Bar. Laughter Yoga still going well, 4 more weeks left of the current block. Kate Green Artist is 6 years old this month!

May 2011

What a busy month..! The 'Doon Leith' exhibition at Sofi''s Bar is going really well and I have been replacing the paintings as they have been selling so there are always new paintings going up. I've had quite a lot of commissions this month which has been great, paintings going off to Newcastle, Isle of Skye and London. My laughter yoga classes have started up again and it feels so good to be laughing every Monday night with a group of like minded people. Just need to get more people along! Bought myself some roller skates this month and loving them!

April 2011

Another busy month for Kate Green Artist, paintings have been selling really well from Rocksalt and the Southern Cross Cafe...The weather has been delightful and painting in the sun is great. Finished everything for  my 'Doon Leith' exhibition which was all hung up on the 30th April ready for the launch night on the 1st May. Sold a painting before the exhibition even started! Getting ready for the next lot of Laughter sessions...Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha!

March 2011

It has been a very busy month for paintings, which is fab and still preparing for my 'Doon Leith' exhibition. I finished the 10 week block of laughter sessions I had at the community centre, having a wee break and they will be up and running again on Monday 16th May. I have done a couple of private laughter sessions, all great fun! All in all, a grand month...

February 2011

Yeah....Spring is in the air! And my paintings are flying of the walls, fantastic! Love my paintings's hard work being an artist sometimes. I've started preparing for another exhibition, this one is all Leith scenes and will be at Sofi's bar for May and June. I've started a wee part time job 3 mornings a week which is going well and I'm going to be a census enumerator as well...suddenly very busy, but very happy!

January 2011

Happy New Year...! What a dull month January can be, it's a good job I have my laughter classes! They seem to be going well, I'm just looking into doing my teacher training in India in May...very exciting! Paintings have been slow this month..nice to have a break actually. I go through phases with my paintings, I'm not liking them just now so all paintings in my exhibitions are now half price! Hurry along and get buying...!

December 2010

My paintings are selling well, have had a few commissions for Christmas. I now have them up in the Constitution Bar in Leith and getting some ready to put up in Rocksalt, also in Leith. I completed my Laughter Yoga Leader training and have arranged classes to start in exciting!! Busy painting and studying laughter...great fun! Here's to 2011 being full of laughter! Happy days.

November 2010

Well I moved into a wee flat doon Leith and have been painting like crazy to get an exhibition ready for the Southern Cross Cafe. It will be ongoing and people can just buy the paintings straight off the very exciting! A new style has shown itself and I'm very happy with my lastest work... I start my laughter training next month..HO HO HA HA HA!, along with turning 30!!

September - October 2010

Painting has been put on hold for travelling adventures to Canada.. Visiting some friends and checking out the Rocky Mountains...amazing! Unfortunately had to turn down a couple of commissions while I was away but hopefully they will still want the paintings. I've finished up at Skye Backpackers and moving back to Edinburgh to train to be a laughter therapist. Painting might be put on hold for the time being until I can get a flat sorted out in Edinburgh and some space to paint!

August 2010

Sales have been a bit quieter this month which was handy as I've been doing more shifts at the hostel. Also been making plans for the next few months. I leave for Fife in September before heading off to Canada with a friend for 3 weeks in October...Exciting new adventures lie ahead!

July 2010

It's been a busy month with commissions, every spare moment I get I'm painting... Even have paintings heading off to New Zealand! Work at the hostel is getting busier with August approaching. I have done paintings of Scotlands Top Hostels for each of the hostels and have had postcards made for the guests to take away. Also had fridge magnets made of the painting 'Camasunary Bothy'.

June 2010

I now have my paintings for sale in the Aros centre in Portree, we'll see how that goes...quite a few sales from the Haakon this month which is great! I've got painting fever just now and want to paint everything, I keep running out of canvasses. Everything is going just grand. Oh...! And Kate Green Artist is 5 years old this month!

March 2010 - May 2010

My travelling adventures were absolutely fantastic and saw many amazing African paintings...I thought I would have been coming home to a huge desire to paint but it hasn't come about until now. I did a 2 day hike with a couple of friends in Skye and that inspired me immensely. So I am now looking for new venues on Skye to display my work, would love to hold another exhibition with a grand opening, its been a while! Watch this space...

November 2009 - February 2010

Well, again I've been rather slack with the news update... I was really busy with paintings on the run up to Christmas, very busy painting in the shop. I also held a Christmas Craft Fayre at the Castlemoil Restaurant in December, this was really successful and it was really great to meet the local crafty people. We managed to raise £250 for charity. But now I'm just getting ready to set off on some travels - Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania with my mad mate Sophie. I can't wait, a trip of a life time! Leaving on the 10th February and back at the end of March..

July-October 2009

I've been very slack lately with updating my news, very much slippping into the 'Skye time' way of life! I have finished working at the hostel and now work in the Castle Moil Post Office and shop, where I sell my paintings and hand painted wellies. I've been doing design work for the pub and shop, plus working on some mural designs for the bar. I'm continuing to get commissions through my website which is fantastic and it's a lovely feeling knowing that people are really enjoying my artwork. A few orders from people who have bought from me before. Things are looking good and even looking at getting my own place with my crazy mate Hayley...a beautiful wee spot with fantastic views of the mountains - very inspiring!

June 2009

Its been a very busy month for painting, have been doing a few for the King Haakon pub and restaurant, scenes from the village including a lot of the locals, its been great fun painting them...doing more and more paintings using a palette knife, love it. Had a few commissions through the website.

May 2009

Moved back to Skye this month, it's brilliant to be back..doing a few shifts at the hostel and painting lots. Doing some for the Castle Moil Restaurant and will be selling them there as well. I've been trying out a few pics painting with a palette knife instead of brushes and love it. All is going well.

April 2009

It's been a busy month with working full time and trying to paint!! A new gift shop has opened in Stockbridge (Edinburgh) this month and I am selling my paintings in it. So its paint paint paint! I've been painting in the garden as its been so sunny which is great...just finished a big painting of the Cuillin mountains for a friend. Really pleased with it.

March 2009

Spring is here - hooray! I'm now working full time again so its back to a wee bit of painting in the evenings, a few commissions on the go, Edinburgh Skyline, mountains... Working on a new range of cards - hand drawn, black and white with a wee touch of colour.

February 2009

Really just done a couple of paintings this month, a few enquiries about others which I will be working on. Planning some fundraising for Comic Relief

January 2009

After a wee break from the painting and the website, Kate Green Artist is back... but only as as someone bought .com!! How dare they... Anyway just been working on the odd commission, thinking how I can go about getting some recognition again.

May 2008

The weather is still so sunny...its been 2 months with only 2 days of rain! 26 degrees at one point and the hottest place in the UK, everyone is walking around with a tan and it's SKYE! That's nothing to do with paintings though...did an interesting one of the Skye bridge with the sun setting behind it for a wedding present...and a few more murals in the hostel, it's looking so much brighter now. We've been painting more wellies, this time for the locals...tartan wellies, Bacardi wellies and even Converse All Star wellies! Oh and I climbed Ben Nevis!

April 2008

Still just doing the odd commission, all time taken up by hostel stuff, really enjoying it...made it home for a few days and went rally driving at Knockhill, it was AMAZING! I now want to be a rally driver. Weather has been so sunny on Skye, which makes it even harder to stay inside and paint....ahh!!

March 2008

I've started doing murals in the hostel, it has always scared me slightly but it's worked really well... Soon there won't be a bare wall! More picnics on the village green, various roadtrips to places in the middle of nowhere - great fun! Struggling for time to do commissions though...ahh!

February 2008

Very busy running the hostel, but still getting the odd commission...loving being in Skye and I'm having such a laugh with the staff up's even been warm enough for picnics on the village green and cold enough for decent snow and snowman building!

January 2008

I've had a few commissions after my wee holiday so that had me busy but now moved up to the Isle Of Skye to run a hostel in Kyleakin, get the place all painted with some murals on the wall ready for the start of the season. I will still be doing the odd painting but really as a hobby now, not a business. It's been a fun start to what's looking to be a brilliant year...lots of mountain climbing, whisky drinking and ceilidh dancing to be done! To all my friends: come and visit in Skye!

December 2007

Thailand! What a fantastic 2 months I have had, I feel like a new Kate... YEA! Back for Christmas and New Year.... Ready to paint...or am I? I want SNOW.

November 2007

Australia! Traveled up the West Coast and over to the East. Made it to Tasmania this time round which was fab. Caught up with some old mates and drank lots of whisky...

October 2007

Off to Australia and Thailand....see ya later

September 2007

Well....I've made a few decisions in the month of September, first of all I'm heading off to Australia and Thailand on the 24th October, so soon! Life is too short and I'm feeling VERY spontaneous. I want the painting to be a hobby again and not a business!! I've had a few commissions this month and been working 2 days a week at a local nature reserve, I've taken a few last minute trips up north to party with friends, its been a fun month. So I've heaps to do before I go, lots of painting and organising my passport renewal - eek!

August 2007

This summer has really flown by and I'm exhausted!! It's time to focus on the painting and get a new venue for selling. I feel Autumn is in the air and I'm looking forward to the next few months....still thinking of going off travelling but not til next year. I've had a few interesting commissions this month, one that got me very excited about doing what I do and I'm thankful of that...was beginning to think I was loosing my creativity!

July 2007

July?....the month has disappearred in a whirlwind of tours and the odd painting inbetween! I've been a bit run off my feet but finally have a few days off to relax and enjoy my new wee hoose. I still don't have broadband up and running which is sooooo annoying as slowly getting addicted to facebook! Many issues with Orange but hopefully I'll get there eventually. I love my wee car - Roxanne! She has been great, I just need to get some artwork done on the bonnet I reckon... Thinking of going travelling, so many options of what to do next...hmmmmmmm

June 2007

I've had a few commissions this month, Belhaven pubs have been in touch about me doing more paintings of their pubs which is brill...been very busy away on tours and loving it! I move into my wee cottage/hoose next week and I'll be able to lay all my arty stuff out and have space to paint again!! YEA! Life is good once again, my friends have all been so brilliant and have helped me heaps lately - thank you to you all! Oh my golly gosh....Kate Green Artist is 2yrs old, the date slipped me by, off to the pub it is for a anniversary drink!

May 2007 much can happen in a month, my relationship with my boyfriend sadly came to an end, I moved out and back with my parents in Fife, found a wee cottage/hoose to move into at the end of June with a coal fire in a wee village north of Fife, my job as a tour guide is going great - absolutely love it, not really painting anymore except from the odd commission... my creative energy is at an all time low....But do not worry Kate Green Artist is not about to disappear, it's just a wee bit of hibernation while my life gets back on track and I'm not living out of boxes! I feel it's going to be a magical summer!

April 2007

I've been training as a tour guide for MacBackpackers this month, it has been brilliant...being paid to take people to the Highlands and be outside in the sunshine - it works for me! Got a commission from Belhaven Pubs to do the back of their menus in the Waterline pub in Leith so I'm happy with that! Oh! Just remembered we did the trek across Scotland - it was fantastic, two weeks of sunshine and we raised £700 for Mountain Rescue - Yea!! And we came home with a tan!

March 2007

It's been another strange month...I've had a few commissions which was great and I've really enjoyed doing them. Start the walk on the 31st, can't wait. It'll be good to get away and have some thinking time.....'What do I want to do with my life??' A question I seem to ask myself every week at the moment. If anyone has a suggestion please get in touch!! Oh, I've a few paintings up at Edinburgh Airport in an exhibiton...I bet JoLoMo never exhibited there!

February 2007

Well it has been a strange month, after getting over the post holiday blues I decided to have a break from selling my paintings through exhibitions, get a job and focus on commissions... I need a break from the brushes and working from home, I'm forgetting how to interact socially!! My paintings will remain in the Southern Cross but not for sale as the owner has bought them all. I'm very happy about that! I've been training for my walk across Scotland, lots of cycling and I was up The Cobbler the other week with some friends, it was an amazing day, clear blue skies and lots of ice!

January 2007

What a brilliant holiday I have just had - 2wks in Thailand! I'm feeling refreshed, inspired and eager to get painting, the first one will be of a Tuk Tuk! It was a busy start to the month, quite a few sales from New Year and had to get some stock ready for the Southern Cross for while I was away, but got there in the end and was rewarded with a totally relaxing holiday in the sun! I feel some new paintings coming on, Thai fishing boats, gypsy fishing villages and the amazing wee Thai islands. A great start to the year and I have white bits!!

December 2006

Well it has been another busy month, sales at the Southern Cross have increased greatly and still many commissions which is brilliant. One of my paintings went for £200 in an auction for the Barnardos charity! I took some time off for Christmas and New Year and spent some time up North, bringing in 2007 on the Isle of Skye with a whole bunch of friends and partied all night, looked for Otters and got soaked looking for faerie pools at the Cuillin Mountains!! It has been a fab year for Kate Green Artist and thank you to all my customers for buying my artwork!! May it continue...January looking to be a busy month already...

November 2006

November has flown by, I have had so many commissions for Christmas presents, it's great! It has been a busy month and I'm looking forward to December (and my birthday!) Been doing some design work for MacBackpackers and Tartan Trax which has been fun. Putting the painting aside....Me and my friend Ruth are planning to walk across Scotland in April to raise money for Mountain Rescue so I have started some training for that - long bike rides and walking in the Pentlands (the joys of being self employed!) Also just booked a holiday to Thailand in January with my lovely boyfriend...I can't wait!

October 2006

All is ready for the Pocket Art launch on the 3rd November, it has been a busy month. Commissions are still coming in for Christmas...although I should be very happy I feel slightly exhausted with all this painting and I'm lacking inspiration. I am going to take a break after Christmas and recharge my creative energy! Maybe go somewhere exciting and do some travelling... Took my paintings down from the Cameo bar to take away some of the pressure, seems to have worked... I had a mini adventure climbing in Glencoe this month with my wee friend Ruth which made us realise not to plan too much of your life out but to enjoy the obstacles we come across and see where they take us...there's a thought for ya!

September 2006

Yet again the month has flown exhibition at Renroc ended, that was a huge success! A big thank you to Jane and Billy. The commissions are still coming in, a few people planning ahead for Christmas which is great! I took a wee holiday for 11 days up North to Ullapool for the 'Loopallu' festival then Gairloch and finally Dores on the shores of Loch Ness. Still feel like I need a holiday! Planning some new ideas for Oct/ this space!

 August 2006

August has flown by in a whirlwind of paint, festival shenanigans, a bit of gardening and lots of money!! It's been another successful month. The Knitwit exhibition has been fun, sold about 7 prints, which was more than I expected and we get to keep some for ourselves. Paintings have been going off to countries all over Europe, thanks to all the tourists in town. Looking forward to slowing down a bit in September, maybe taking a wee holiday up north, Autumn is in the air and I love it!

July 2006

What a month for Kate Green Artist, it's all taking off!! The Renroc exhibition opening was a huge success - 22 commissions in 2hours - £1085!! Super busy and commissions keep on coming in which is great but slightly stressful!! Also, someone in Gibraltar is studying me and writing about my work which makes me feel like a famous artist! The Extreme Knitting exhibition starts on 1st August so preparing for that - should be a lot of fun.

June 2006

Kate Green Artist is 1yr old on 6th June! Spending this month preparing for my next exhibition which starts next month at Cafe Renroc in Edinburgh. Sales are a wee bit slow at the beginning of the month, not too worried as I feel I need a break from the brushes! Working on a knitting exhibition with my flatmate Rachel ( ) which will be in Aug/Sept.

May 2006

It's finally feeling like Summer! Get my paintings hung up in the upstairs section of the Southern Cross Cafe which will be great during the Edinburgh Festival. I attend the concert in the Royal Scottish Academy of Music where Will Chadwick's piece 'Hooses on the Shore' is performed, originally inspired by my painting. It's great, quite different and experimental - I love it. Receiving more commissions and trying out some new ideas.

April 2006

Take a three week holiday to the Isle of Harris then Egypt, what a fantastic time and have lots of new ideas for painting!! I even managed to give myself holiday pay! Came home to a few sales and lots of commissions which was lovely, and also an article all about me in Fife's local paper! Makes me sound great! Spend the rest of the month getting back to my painting and recovering from post holiday blues.

March 2006

The month starts off a bit slow with only a few sales, take a week off then suddenly, as always, everything happens at once! A composer called William Chadwick gets in touch, he has writtten a piece of music in response to one of my paintings and it is being played at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music in May! Feel very honoured. The Dunfermline Press speak to me about doing a feature on myself and my business, it'll be published in the next couple of weeks! Paintings going off to Nigeria and the Phillipines, it's crazy...Boda exhibition ends, sold 18 paintings. It's been a brilliant month.

February 2006

Sales are staying very consistent, have sold 11 paintings from the Boda exhibition so far...and more commissions have come from London! Started looking for companies who may be interested in using my designs for trays, mugs, placemats etc. Trying out a few new ideas and lots of positive feedback about the website. Some big commissions coming in! Great start to 2006!

January 2006

Sales are still going strong even though it's January and everyone should be skint! I'm not complaining though. Getting ready for my exhibition in Boda Bar starting on the 19th, sending out invites etc. A couple of paintings head off to America - San Francisco and Colorado! The website is finished and goes live to the nation on Monday 9th...Kate Green Artist goes worldwide! Bring it on!

December 2005

Business is booming, need more hours in the day to paint! Lots of sales from the Cameo and the Southern Cross, so lots of new stock on the go! Quite a few commisions coming in for Christmas presents - love the thought of so many people opening up my paintings on Christmas morning. Website coming along nicely.

November 2005

Go Painting Crazy! A company in London called Inclusion ( fly me down for the day, commissioning me to do 7 paintings for their new offices. New paintings up in the Southern Cross Café and the Cameo Bar, new Chinese restaurant called Inspiration offer me more exhibition space. Work has started on my website.

October 2005

Off to Morocco for a month trekking in the mountains and desert. The colours and the Moroccan’s way of life are a huge inspiration – itching to PAINT! Back in the UK the book ‘Pub Knitting’ by Rachel Henderson is launched, featuring myself!

September 2005

Camping adventures in Scotland seeking inspiration. Hung a painting up in ‘The Munro Inn’ in Stratheyre. More leaflet / poster design for Tartan Trax.

August 2005

Paintings are flying off the walls! Increase in sales during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Another stall at Leith Market, weather great and quite a lot of sales.

July 2005

Print a range of gift cards from my paintings. Slow increase in sales at the Cameo Bar. Have a stall at Leith Market, went quite well but selling at market prices, note really worthwhile. Commissioned to design leaflets / posters for comedian Micky D’s show in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, getting free pass as payment – braw! 

June 2005

Kate Green Artist is launched, new paintings up in the Cameo Bar and the Southern Cross Café. Doing graphic design work for Tartan Trax Ltd ( and a print company in Leith. Holiday in Nigeria, flights paid for with 4 paintings.