About Me

About Me

Kate Green Laughing Artist

My interest in Laughter Yoga began when I was feeling a bit down and felt I could really do with a good laugh...

Kate Green Laughing ArtistFirst of all I jumped on the internet and watched video clips of people laughing, which in turn made me laugh and was amazed at the change in my mood after laughing for about 5 minutes. I came across Laughter Yoga and tried some of the laughter exercises - brilliant!

I looked into the theory behind laughter and quickly discovered the connection between feelings of happiness and serotonin levels in the brain, and the effect Endorphins (our happy hormones) have on our bodies. I was hooked instantly! Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha!!

I started practising laughter daily and really noticed the difference in my mood and attitude, I became much more positive and started using laughter to prepare myself for situations where I was maybe a bit nervous or anxious, it truly worked!

I did my Laughter Yoga Leader training in Edinburgh in December 2010 and very quickly set up a Laughter club which started in January and is going really well. I have done many sessions with certain groups - mental health workers, primary school teachers, youth groups and I am trying to introduce it to the workplace to get people feeling more energised and motivated about their job...it is such a great 'pick me up' half way through the day.

And I just love to laugh!

Kate Green